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Canadian Fishing Records

Species: Where Caught: Weight (Ibs):
Bass, largemouth Preston Lake, On 10.43
Bass, rock York River, ON 3.00
Bass, smallmouth BirchbarkLake, ON 9.84
Bass, striped Mira River, NS 54.06
Bass, white Lake Ontario 3.02
Bluegill Lake Erie 1.83
Bowfin Whitefish Lake Ontario 14.66
Bullhead, brown Raleigh Township, On 2.37
Burbot (Ling) Litle Athapapuskow Lk, MB 22.50
Carp Ganaraska River, On 38.00
Channel Catfish Red River Manitoba 44.50
Char, Arctic Tree River, NT 32.56
Cisco Cedar Lake, MB 7.37
Crappie, black Hillman Marsh, Lake Erie 3.78
Crappie,white KratzPond, On 2.24
Drum, freshwater French River, On 20.60
Fallfish York River, On 2.34
Gar, longnose Ottawa River, On 13.10
Gizzard Shad St. Clair River, On 4.31
Goldeye Battle River Dam, AB 4.13
Grayling, Artic Katseyedier, NT 5.94
Greenling, Kelp PortRenfrew, BC 3.44
Halibut, Pacific Langara Island, BC 172.00
Mooneye Bay of Quinte, On 1.43
Muskellunge, Natural Georgian Bay, On 65.00
Muskellunge, Tiger Longlegged Lake, On 34.59
Perch, yellow Moose Lake, Alberta 2.97
Pickerel, Chain Doctors Lake, NS 5.38
Pike, Northern Delaney Lake, On 42.12
Pumpkinseed Notawasaga River, On 1.88
Redhorse, Shorthead North River, On 8.81
Redhorse, River Trent River, On 8.73
Rockfish, Black Langara Island, BC 8.50
Rockfish, Quillback Port Renfrew, BC 5.00
Rockfish, Tiger PortRenfrew, BC 2.50
Salmon, Atlantic (Great Lakes) Lake Ontario 24.30
Salmon, Atlantic (Sea Run) Cascapedia River, QB 47.00
Salmon, Chinook (Great Lakes)
New record pending
Credit River. On 45.38
Salmon, Chinook (Sea Run) Skeena River, BC 92.00
Salmon, Chum (Sea Run) EdyePass.BC 35.00
Salmon, Coho (Great Lakes) Lake Ontario 26.64
Salmon, Coho (Sea Run) Cowichan Bay, BC 31.00
Salmon, Kokanee OkanaganLake, BC 9.38
Salmon, pink St. Mary's River, On 13.06
Sauger Saskatchewan River, SK 7.75
Splake Georgian Bay, On 20.71
Sturgeon, lake Georgian Bay, On 168.00
Sturgeon, shortnose Kennebacis River. NB 22.88
Sturgeon, white Fraswer River, BC 800.00
Sucker, white Lake Joseph, On 5.39
Trout brook Nipigon River, On 14.50
Trout, brown Lake Ontario 34.38
Trout, bull Kootenay Lake, BC 29 50
Trout, golden Barnaby Ridge Lake, AB 4.25
Trout, lake Great Bear Lake, N.W.T. 72.25
Trout, rainbow (inland) Kootenay Lake, BC 35.12
Trout, rainbow (sea run) Kispiox River, BC 33.00
Walleye Niagara River 22.25
Whitefish, lake Clear Lake, ON 15.38
Whitefish. mountain Gap Lake, AB 15.38
Whitefish, round Putahow River, MB 6.00
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